Thursday, December 27, 2007

The End (of the Year) Is Coming

In about five days, 2007 will be over, and I will have run more than 1200 miles during the year. When I passed 1000 miles a few weeks back, I realized that with little more effort than keeping up what I was already doing, I could make 1200 miles (an average of 100 miles per month). At that time I needed to average 24 miles a week to make the goal. With that incentive, I kicked up my mileage a bit and each week I got a little bit closer. As of this morning's run, I am within four miles of completion, with three scheduled running days left in the year. (However, I am planning on bumping December 31 into next year, as it is a Monday, the first day of the week in my running calendar.)

I ordered a new running calendar for 2008, and over Christmas I unpacked it and had a quick look. It is similar in format to this year's Runner's World calendar, except that this time I ordered one especially designed for women. I am having mixed reactions to that. First of all, there's a lot of pink (luckily I like pink). Second (and more disturbingly to me), it is full of pictures of running women, all of whom seem extremely fit and wearing spandex. I don't know--it may give me a bit of an inferiority complex! The pictures in my old calendar were much less flashy.

But, I'll have to deal with it. I have absolutely no need for two calendars, and this is the one I picked!

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