Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 In Review

Today, tonight, and this week all the news shows and talk shows and magazines are doing their various end of year reviews, about news events and fashion and celebrities mishaps and so forth. I thought I would take this opportunity to review and reflect on the highlights of my own year (with an emphasis on running-related topics, since that is what this blog is all about, plus whatever else strikes my fancy).

So here goes.

Races by Distance

  • 5K - 5
  • 5 mile - 2
  • 10 mile - 1
  • 10K - 6
  • 15K - 2
  • Half Marathon - 2

Races by Month and Name

  • Valentine's Love 'em or Leave 'em 5K
  • La Conner Smelt Run 10K


  • YMCA Invest in Youth Fund Run (2 laps - 10.3 miles)
  • Portland Shamrock Run 15K

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Run 5 mile
  • Whidbey Island Half Marathon

  • Wells Fun Run 5K (Wells, Somerset, England)

  • Race for the Cure 5K
  • Run with the Cops, Not from Them 5K


  • Yankee Doodle Dash 10K
  • Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon


  • Mukilteo Run-a-Muk 10K

  • Arlington River to Rails 10K
  • Fairhaven Waterfront 15K

  • Olympia Halloween 10K
  • YMCA Trick or Treat Fun Run 5 mile


  • FootwoRx Fowl Fun Run (Mount Vernon) 10K

  • Jingle Bell Run 5K
Fastest Pace

  • Between 8:30 and 8:35 per mile, in the Tulip Run 5-mile, the River to Rails 10K, and the Trick or Treat 5 mile
Slowest Pace

  • More than 9:30 per mile, in the Anacortes Half Marathon
Most Typical Pace

  • About 8:45 per mile, in most 10K's and the Whidbey Island Half Marathon (1:54:30, to be exact!)
Most Prepared Race

  • Whidbey Island Half Marathon, for which I signed up about five months in advance, and faithfully completed a full three-month training program.

Least Prepared Race

  • Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon, for which I signed up only a month in advance, allowing only four pre-race long runs (7.5, 9, 10, and 12 miles) beyond my typical 5-6 mile runs a few days a week... and only a couple months after returning from a three week vacation in England, where I freely indulged in scones and other treats.
Most Unexpected Race

  • Wells Fun Run 5K, in England... I saw a banner in town the morning of the race, and signed up spontaneously after a hearty English breakfast. (My time was nothing to email home about, but I still came in first for my age category!)

    Favorite Post-Race Tradition

    • Sharing a cinnamon roll with my supporters (e.g. mom)--it started after the half marathons, and has trickled down to a couple of 10K's and, er, my last 5K.

    Hilliest Courses

    • Portland Shamrock Run 15K - The first four miles were all uphill, followed by two miles of up and downhill, finally finishing with a wonderful 3.3 mile downhill glide to the finish line.

    • Whidbey Island - Hilly all the way!

    Nicest Courses

    • Whidbey Island - beautiful run along the water, but it is road almost the whole way.

    • Anacortes - also a nice view course, including crossing the trestle over Fidalgo Bay, but most of the race is on roads.

    • Fairhaven Waterfront 15K (Fairhaven, Bellingham) - the nicest course, with the first few miles on the road and the remaining along the beautiful waterside trails, including a long dock over Bellingham Bay. Also conveniently begins and ends near the Village Inn, allowing non-running companions to enjoy their breakfast while waiting for the runners to finish.

    Biggest Race Crowds

    • Race for the Cure - huge crowd, but very well organized by pace times, little delay for runners (I managed a 5K PR this year, despite a late night beforehand).

    • Jingle Bell Run - A mob scene!

    And so you have it, some of the highlights of 2007. I'd put in more pictures, but I'd miss the beginning of 2008 waiting for them to download! Here's to the runs of 2008! (Beginning in 11 hours with the Resolution Run at Magnuson Park....) (Because it is actually 11:30 p.m., even though this says posted at 7:03 p.m.) (I will be spending the last half hour of the year with Frasier on TV. Yes, I am that boring.)

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