Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Honolulu Marathon Registration for $55! And Happy New Year.

I am interrupting my lapse in posting to tell you about a great discount for the Honolulu Marathon 2013--only $55 through January 14! (Just in case the link doesn't work right, you can also just go to the Honolulu Marathon website.) Who ever heard of a major marathon for $55? I think I paid $175 when I registered last August for 2012. I can't do it again next year, sadly, so I am hoping that someone else can jump on this deal!

I am working on my Honolulu Marathon recap, though. Well, actually I worked hard on it one day, then stopped. I'll get it done, sometime.

I finished 2012 with over 2000 miles--2025 was my final tally. I know that's probably not exactly right, because I didn't go back to check for errors, and I know of at least two runs where I estimated the distance (but it was a good estimate) due to not having my watch. I'm pretty sure that a few hundredths of a mile, or even tenths, is not all that important!

And speaking of 2012, here are my final stats on races done last year:

2025.55 miles, with...eight 5Ks, three 5-miles, four 10Ks, one 12K, one 15K, 18 half marathons (four on trails), one 20-mile trail, one 30K, four marathons and one 50K trail run. The end. Happy New Year.

I know. Nuts. (I think it is also telling that I had no PRs, and many if not most of these were slower than I would have liked.)

In 2013 I'm planning on 2-4 marathons (fewer probably better, but there may be one or two I can't resist), and 13 half marathons. Get it? 13 x 13.1 in 2013. Haven't yet decided if it's okay to go over...I think I have at least 12-13 on the calendar already, with 1-2 other maybes. Would any excess just be the .1? Well, we'll December I may be happy to already have 13 on the books.

My next marathon will not be until June, the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on June 2. I haven't actually registered yet (as rates don't go up until February), but it's for sure (barring any emergencies or whatnot). I wrote up my training plan over the last few days, but officially training doesn't begin until February 11. January is base building, and the first couple weeks of February will be pre-training. More on all that at the end of January (assuming I ever write again, of course).

You know what I need? A new computer. My ancient home computer is long since non-functional, my work laptop has crapped out and I'm using an even crappier one that barely limps along, and the blogpress app on my iPad doesn't work (and I can't update the iPad because the laptop doesn't have enough memory to back up my iTunes). So if I forked over the money for a new work computer maybe I'd be inspired to write more blog posts. (Cause that's what work computers are for, right?)

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