Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve

I couldn't let Christmas come and go without a post for almost three weeks! It is truly because I am still not able to blog from my iPad, and I have been too busy at work to use my computer there. Not that I would ever work on a blog post during the work day, of course. (I am my own boss, and I would never allow that. Ha.)

Anyhow, the trip to Hawaii and the Honolulu Marathon went well (in its way). I did manage to achieve a new personal slow (don't like the term "personal worst"), but I'm okay with that. I pretty much let it happen. I will tell the story soon, I hope. I do have a lot of good pictures from the marathon and the trip! And I have some travel tips for people planning to run the Honolulu Marathon in future.

After Honolulu I took five days off running to let my legs rest a little. I am back to running but still very slow. I'm letting that happen through the rest of the year before I start thinking about plans for 2013. Well, I'm thinking about them now, but I'm not putting them into place until January.

I am easily on track to go over 2000 miles for 2012. I will update on the final totals in a week!

Today is Christmas Eve (obviously) and that is my family's primary day of Christmas celebration. After I leave work in a few minutes I am going to head to my parents' house to hang out there before the festivities begin. Tonight we will have a traditional Norwegian Christmas Eve dinner with lutefisk and lefse. Not everyone loves lutefisk (a type of cod), including me, so we will have some other things as well. I made the lefse on Saturday (a soft flatbread made with potatoes and flour). Here is Eva helping me make lefse....(Eva and I are both wearing black shirts, not smart when you are working with flour!)
And now it is time for me to take off and get on with eating cookies my other tasks for the day.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Merry Christmas ~ Have a nice day~ =)

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