Sunday, September 16, 2012

Running "comeback" after 50K

The big challenge after finishing MRTR was how and when to resume running and prep for the Twin Cities Marathon (coming up quickly on October 7!). I definitely wanted to give my body a rest, but I also wanted to parlay my endurance training into a strong marathon, and try to build back a little speed (just a little, I'm not asking for the moon!).

Sunday was a complete rest day, obviously. It was also the day we drove back to Washington, which made for a lot of hours of sitting. Luckily my Subaru is pretty comfortable and we did make a few stops where I could shake out my legs.

Saturday night, and into Sunday, and maybe Monday, I was pretty sore. Saturday night it was "achy body interferes with sleep" but after that it was less. More like my body froze up every time I sat down and I had to warm-up before moving again. As the overall achiness faded, DOMS hit my quads in a pretty big way. It took until at least Thursday for that to mostly dissipate. On the first couple days I wanted to shriek every time my cat jumped into my lap! Lucky thing my massage wasn't scheduled until Thursday.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I just cross-trained with an hour on the elliptical. I was pretty weak at first, but got a little stronger (and faster) every day. On Friday I even did about 10 minutes of intervals at the end.

On Thursday I decided to try my first run. I am not sure whether a little more recovery might have been good, but frankly I wanted a change from the elliptical. I had gotten up very early to take my parents to the airport. When I got home a little before 6 I was so tired, so I napped on the couch for 30-40 minutes before going out (best.nap.ever). Then I had some gear failure issues, so I didn't have a whole lot of time when I finally got outside.

That was probably for the best, though. I did manage to get my average pace to 10 minutes in the first three miles (by running an 8:30 in mile 3) and then did another 2.5 at 9:30-9:45 pace. But frankly, I was tired after three miles!

After ellipticalling on Friday (I made that word up), I was out again on Saturday. Once again I pushed myself into a sub-10 average pace, with some extra effort in mile 3. This time I didn't feel too tired until after about five miles (progress). I finished with 7.5 miles, all I had time to do as we were going to a brunch at Rod's folks' house later that morning.

Finally, today I dabbled in double digits, just over ten miles while Rod did some painting at his friends' house. Today I felt tired at mile...2? No, not really, but I was super sluggish and my overall average pace was 10:50.

I have also been hampered by a big Garmin fail issue. My one-year-old new Garmin, after running valiantly for eight hours on Saturday, gave me the blank screen of death on Thursday morning. This was after the screen froze up and I tried a hard reset. It won't charge when I plug it in either. I am trying to decide whether to buy a new one or what. I have read about people with the same problem where it miraculously started taking a charge a few days later. I am hoping that will happen to me....

Meanwhile I have used my old one with the unfixable broken band. On Thursday it was taped together with duct tape (that eventually falls off). On Saturday I carried it in my hand (irritating). Today I pinned it to my fuel belt. The only problem with that is I can't read it when I'm running...I think that is part of why I couldn't regulate my pace today. I know, I have Garmin co-dependency issues. Send me to therapy.

My other leftover irritation from MRTR is a persistent blister on my left big toe. I have drained it several times but it keeps popping back up! It doesn't prevent me from running but it does get uncomfortable after a while. This needs to go away soon. I'm not running 26.2 miles in (less than) three weeks with a blister before I start!

So that's it for the first week post 50K. I'm thinking 18 miles next weekend...then taper (again).

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