Monday, September 17, 2012

Bad things that DID NOT HAPPEN during MRTR

Let me clarify, NO really bad things happened during MRTR. Except for my fall, and even that could have been so much worse than it was.

But there were a number of potential bad things that could have happened, and I am glad to say they did not. For example....

1) No forest fires disrupting the case and course. Last year fires in Oregon jeopardized the race, and while it went on the course was modified. This year there were no fires in the region. Yea!

2) NO BEES! Apparently there is a fair chance of bees on the course. Like maybe swarms of them. I don't think that I am allergic, but I've only been stung three times, many years apart, so who knows if there could be a latent allergy looming, to be brought out by an attack of killer bees. Really, I'm not kidding, bees and the potential of an unknown allergy were the only thing I was really afraid of before the run. I brought Benadryl in my pack. Luckily, not one bee was seen.

3) No bug bites. I did spray my legs with Bug Dope before the run, but forgot about it the rest of the day. No itchy problems for me though.

4) No nettles or poison ivy. I tend to hug the bushes, especially with people passing so much, but I did not encounter any noxious vegetation.

5) No 90+ temps! The weather stayed in the balmy low 80s, even by mid-afternoon. And the woods made it seem even cooler.

And an update from yesterday's mini-woes....

My blister seems to be getting smaller. Really, I think it is.

After a 4-day blank screen hiatus, my Garmin came back to life and is charging tonight! Hurrah! Of course the question remains...what if it dies again?

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