Thursday, March 29, 2012

One month to Eugene!

Here I am, one month away from the Eugene Marathon. If I had to run it right now, I could do it (though a week of tapering would be nice). Since I don't have to run it right now, here is what I have in mind for the last few weeks, plus some thoughts on my training in general.

*I have done a lot of long runs, three 20+ so far and one more planned for Saturday. I've also done two 17s and two 18s, with one more 18 on the books. I feel like I have enough long runs in the bank that it would be okay if I had to miss one of the remaining two. No plans for that, but you never know.

*My weekly mileage has been a little lower than I expected. It ranges from mid-30s to mid-40s (except for snow week), mostly upper 30s and low 40s. I would have liked to have more weeks over 40, and a couple close to or over 50. I think the lower mileage is primarily because my work schedule has not allowed for the medium-long runs I liked to do on Fridays (10+ miles). This has been unavoidable. I'm not willing to get up at 4 a.m. in the winter (maybe in summer I will) and work is work. I do see a lot of value in getting in more medium-long runs when possible. I'm not horribly concerned though, considering all the long runs I've done.

*I've been pretty good about the speed work and tempo runs--that is, doing them. The weather has messed with them a little bit, so I have done some modifications and switching around. However, I have not been successful at hitting the paces I put in the plan. I realize that they were far too aggressive (they would have been hard--or impossible--even when I was in a faster place). It is a little depressing to read blogs by people who surprise themselves by hitting paces they didn't think they could, while I can't...but that's just the way it is. I still feel like I'm getting benefits from my pacing efforts, even if I'm not meeting my goals.

*I am getting faster, though. Yes, it is hard having to work to get back to where I was easily last summer. Especially as I haven't done anything to cause a injury, no illness, no long breaks from running, didn't have a baby, didn't even gain much weight (don't really count 5-10 fall marathon/holiday pounds...and I've lost those now anyway). My 2012 race times keep improving, and I do see movement in my speed work paces.

*This final month is for sharpening, and taper of course. I have a couple of long runs to go, some key track workouts (old school 800s and 400s), a half marathon for practicing marathon effort pace (or a little faster, probably, hopefully), plus a 5-mile and a 5K for leg speed.

*This week I did a sluggish easy run on Monday (post Mercer Island Half Marathon), track speed work on Wednesday (1 x 1000m,1 x 2000m, 2 x 1000m), and a tempo run today (two miles warm-up, six miles at half marathon pace). On Saturday I'm planning 22 miles including the Birch Bay 30K Road Race.

*I'm not going to express any marathon goals or predictions until after the Birch Bay 30K and Whidbey Half Marathon.

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