Saturday, March 31, 2012

A few thoughts after the Birch Bay 30K

Maybe I'll write a real race report about this (my dad took some decent pics, so that's something), but I just have a few comments for now.

My time was 3:05 and some seconds. This was the first time I've been over three hours...nine minutes slower than last year and fifteen slower than 2010.

This did include a bathroom stop for the first time. But that only accounts for a couple minutes. The course was somewhat different from before, but I don't think it was harder. My average pace was under 10 minutes a mile...barely.

I ran 2.15 miles before and 1.25 miles after to make a total of 22 miles. My average pace does not include the extra miles.

I don't really know what this means for Eugene...perhaps with a taper my legs will be a little bit fresher then.

Looking at my times for other races last February and March, I should have been able to run the Boston Marathon faster than I did (which was 4:34).

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