Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving onward

My Vegas recap is about halfway done, but it's on regular blogger which is a little awkward to use on my iPad. Especially as I don't have my wireless keyboard with me here.

Here? You might ask. "Here" is actually Tucson, the second (and final) stop in my December race travels. After getting home on Monday (and resuming mail and newspaper service for one day before needing to stop it again, my dad and I headed back to the airport Wednesday morning. It was pretty deja vu-esque, even getting the same shuttle driver from the parking lot to the airport. (We recognized him but I'm not sure he recognized us. How he could have forgotten us, I don't know.)

We had a pretty easy flight to Tucson. I fell asleep for a while at the beginning and again at the end. Even though it was a noon flight, I was tired because I was up past midnight and got up before 6:00 to go to the Y this morning.

In the middle I watched most of The Spirit of the Marathon on my iPad. I had to pause right at the beginning of the actual marathon as we were landing. I'm excited to finish it. It's been a couple years since I last watched it. It's so inspirational--maybe I'll even watch it a second time before Sunday!

During my two days at home I was incapable of resuming any kind of low sugar, low carb diet. So I guess I am carb loading all week. No exception today--I've eaten wraps, rice, and tons of candy.

I really am in taper this week. My legs (quads) have been surprisingly sore considering how flat Las Vegas was for running (though not truly flat, which I'll address in the race recap). I'm also having some pain discomfort in my ankle. I've iced it a couple of times, and should continue while I'm here (considering the ice machine and all).

I ran a little on Tuesday after work--4.25 miles warm-up, 4 x 400 on the track (5-10K pace effort, and at least I got there on the last one), then about 1.75 miles at marathon pace (around 9:30). Total seven miles. I want to go out for a few miles tomorrow, then I'll definitely hold off to rest my legs before Sunday.

Tomorrow I run (a little) then we sightsee the Tucson area.

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