Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Great Summer Dress Experiment

Last night, while picking out something to wear today, I pulled out a dress that I bought (on sale from Garnet Hill) three years ago and have never worn. I also looked at numerous other dresses and skirts that I haven't worn yet this summer (because it hasn't really been summer here). I decided that for the rest of the summer I would wear a different dress at least three days every week, without repeating. I have a tendency to always wear my favorites, and there are lots of others that have been sadly neglected.

I'll try to document my progress in the sidebar. It seems like there would be a better way to do it than by manually replacing the pictures, but I don't know it. This has replaced the weight loss ticker, by the way, since that wasn't doing anything....

1 comment:

lindsay said...

Fun! And a good way to determine what you can part with - if anything. I need to do this and get rid of the junk I won't wear!