Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chips Are Down Virtual Race

Obviously, not my 30th birthday! Ha. This was a virtual race for the 30th birthday of Amanda at Run to the Finish. The only requirement was to run three miles between August 10-15 (actual birthday was August 13). So of course, I threw myself in! My self-predicted time was 29 minutes.

I didn't have an opportunity to do a three-mile stand alone run, so I decided to pick three miles from one of my regular runs on those days. During the time period I ran 8.02 miles on August 10, 6.2 miles on August 11, 9.04 miles on August 12, 8.21 miles on August 14, and 7.02 miles on August 15. (But none on August 13, sorry Amanda!)

I have decided to dedicate the first three miles of my August 12 run to this race. My total time for those three miles was 28:29 (splits 10:44, 9:20, 8:25). The reason the splits are so wildly divergent is because the first two were warm-up miles and the third was the first of a series of pace miles. (Of course I could have gotten a "better" time by cherry-picking my splits a little more, but I decided just to roll the dice and take what I got.)

Anyhow, cheers to Amanda for a fun little diversion and for not asking us to run 30K or miles for her birthday instead! I wish I'd thought to eat a piece of cake in her honor as well! Happy Birthday!

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Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

great job on all the runs!! thanks for participating and yes you should eat a piece of cake!