Saturday, March 12, 2011

Raining in Portland

This feels eerily reminiscent to last October! I know it doesn't rain here all the time (just as it doesn't rain in Seattle all the time), it's just unfortunate luck that it's happened my last two visits. I just pray that the rain (if any) is LIGHT during the Shamrock Run 15K tomorrow, and not a DOWNPOUR like the Portland Half was.

My mother and I drove down here yesterday, and manage to leave so late in the day that we were able to collect our free Starbucks petite treats on the way out of town. Mmmm, LOVE THESE! Yesterday I had the mini PB cup cupcake, and my mom had the mini whoopie pie. (Thursday I had the salted caramel bar. Oh. My. God. Love!)

The late-ish start worked out well, as we missed out on any Portland rush hour traffic. I was also able to finish my packing on Friday, and get in a 9.36 mile run in the morning. (Progression run, starting with warm up pace and finishing with the last full mile at 8:35 and the final third of a mile at 8:20 pace.)

Today I need to get over to the Convention Center to pick up my race number. The Tri-met should take me right there BUT I am concerned that road construction is going to interfere with the transit routes. I guess we'll see. I don't really want to get the car out of parking and drive over.

I'd also like to go by Foot Traffic Sports because I heard there's a sale, and by Lucy as well (no sales tax!). I also had an urge to seek out the Apple store...but I fear the lines may be too long to bear.

This morning when I went to get my coffee from the nearest SBUX, they were giving away treats early because they close at 3. So I got the salted caramel bar to share with my mother (after we ate our oatmeal breakfast).

Well, time to get this day rolling!
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