Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Race Report is done but...

I haven't added the pictures. So a little more time is needed.

On Sunday I did the longest run of this training cycle so far, 17.5 miles. Hilly! I am intentionally trying to do a lot of hills to help prepare me for Boston. I feel good about it but my legs are still sore today (probably it's second-day DOMS). I postponed my Monday run to this morning, and thanks to my inability to get myself out of bed, was limited to 6.5 miles.

Tomorrow I have a tempo run on the schedule. All part of the effort to regain my speed. I'm not sure if there is much difference right now between my tempo runs and my marathon-pace-effort runs, though. I guess we'll see how it goes.

It should be cold but clear in the morning. I kind of like it a little colder (meaning around freezing, just) because I can comfortably wear the warmer running clothes without getting overheated like I do when it feels cold to start (40s) but really isn't that cold at all.

My next LONG run is Sunday (before the Super Bowl). It's supposed to be 18 but I'm thinking 18.5...19 would be great but that might not be practical. I've already mapped my 18.5 mile route.

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