Tuesday, February 8, 2011

19.28 miles on Super Sunday

Not nineteen and a quarter, that's nineteen.point.two.eight. And don't you forget it.

I ran from Rod's house to my parents' (for the Super Bowl), a distance that's technically about five miles. It took a bit of work to make it almost four times further!

(The picture is from the Tulalip Casino, about 13 miles into the run. The greyness pretty accurately reflects the misty weather of the entire run!)

I ran south a little, then east about a mile, then north for a longish ways, then south again, then north (again), then south, then west for about 5K, then I was done. My average pace was exactly 10:30, with about 1/3 of the miles slower and 1/3 faster, and the rest just about right on.

The first two miles were a little rough, as I had a stitch in my left shoulder blade area. It wasn't horrible or anything, but I kept thinking of all those articles about signs of heart attacks in women which I persistently avoid reading (so as not to bring on psychosomatic heart attack symptoms). But after a few more miles it pretty much disappeared and obviously I made it through without having some sort of cardiac event.

I had planned to do 18.5 miles, but secretly hoped for 19. I did enough little extra bits to make up the extra half mile plus, although I'll admit that by mile 16 I was seriously hoping that I hadn't made a mistake and set myself up for more than 19!

As in the Seattle Marathon, the middle miles were the hardest--miles 14, 15, 16--when I was wondering when this was ever going to end! But amazingly, I found a second wind after mile 17 and felt much stronger again. In fact, my final full mile was my fastest (10:10) without my even making a concerted effort to pick up the pace.

I arrived at my parents' house at exactly 2 pm, and just as my mom arrived with groceries and the mocha I'd requested. Hurrah! Thank goodness for long runs on days that include chips and onion dip (made with full fat sour cream, Rod did NOT have my permission to do that!), plus Papa Murphy's pizza (with salad) for dinner. And homemade ice cream sundaes for dessert. I do like to eat pizza and ice cream on long run days!

Due to the midday timing of this run, I put off my Monday morning run to Tuesday. Then this morning I put it off till later. I didn't bag it, though. I took the opportunity of a sunny but cool afternoon to squeeze in 7.07 miles between court and a meeting. I definitely run faster when it's not dark and early! Average pace today was 9:47.

Now my big challenge is to get out there tomorrow morning on time. Afternoon runs are great but I can't squeeze them into a workday TOO often. And waiting till after work is no better than morning. Unless it's absolutely necessary.
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