Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend wishes!

Good luck to all the runners doing marathons and half marathon and runs of any kind this weekend! (I know I'm a little late for races on Saturday....)

I am doing the Capital City Half Marathon tomorrow in Olympia. I am pretty sure that I am planning on doing it as another marathon pace practice run...but who knows what can happen! (Good or bad!)

I am working on a little scheme for my final 20-mile run next Saturday. I'm waiting till after I do the race tomorrow to put it into play.

Last night I made the bacon and egg salad for dinner that I was dreaming of during my run last Monday. It was yummy, though I almost lost control of my poached eggs and they were not quite as runny as I would have liked. As previously predicted, I had my toast with jam and Rod had his plain.

Okay, time to get my stuff together for the trip to Olympia. It doesn't take much packing for an overnight trip, but I don't want to forget any crucial running gear.

Have a great weekend!
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lindsay said...

good luck tomorrow!!