Monday, May 10, 2010

Running after work

I do not love running after work. In fact, I do not love it SO MUCH that the very thought of it makes me wonder if, in fact, I love running at all! Now, sometimes I do like running in the afternoon or evening. If it is a non-work day and I don't get out till later in the day, usually I don't mind at all (especially if I've spent the earlier part of the day lounging around). Or if I decide to cut out of work in the middle of the day to run, that can be fun. Or if the weather is unusually lovely (though not too hot), an early evening run might appeal.

But on your run-of-the-mill workday, especially a Monday, when I am mentally or physically tired (or both), the last thing I want to do at 5 or 6 p.m. is go for a run. The. Last. Thing. That, of course, would be today.

This morning, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I put off running till later in the day to give my legs more rest. I didn't want to skip it entirely because I'd like to keep on schedule early in the week in order to ensure plenty of rest time before Sunday's half marathon. (Oh, didn't I mention that? Capital City Half Marathon in Olympia.)

I got home around 5:00 and changed into running clothes pretty quickly. That actually does help motivate me a little. Because I felt cold coming home from work, I overdressed a little, wearing a light shirt under a half zip, like I would on a 40-degree morning! It was probably in the 50's. Though, I must say, I never did get horribly overheated, though I did take my gloves off eventually.

I was surprised when I started out that my legs didn't feel all that bad, despite the weekend mileage. They weren't even heavy and I even started a bit faster than I usually do.

It wasn't all that hunky-dory though. For a while my legs and body felt awkward, like I was working too hard at running, and I felt sort of clown-like, all gawky arms and legs. The insides of my thighs were unusually achy and I detected a hint of soreness in my shin (which went away). And let's not forget, I really didn't want to be out there at all!

The other thing I don't like about after work running is the involvement of my stomach. In the morning my stomach is empty, except for maybe a small snack. But by the end of the workday I've eaten breakfast, lunch, and probably a snack, all of which are sitting heavily in my stomach (or at least that's how it feels when I decide to run!). I don't know what I can do about that. I'm not going to fast during the day!

I told myself I didn't have to run too far. Even five miles would be plenty. And compared to yesterday, a walk in the park, right?

For a while I distracted myself by thinking about making a bacon and egg salad--not for tonight, just sometime. Salad greens with crumbled bacon and poached eggs on top. I passed a little time wondering what kind of bread to get for toast, and would there be jam with the toast? (The answer to that would be yes, on the side. I would definitely have jam and Rod probably would not.)

I also spent some time composing this post in my head, while also acknowledging that I would probably forget everything by the time I got home. (I probably have forgotten stuff, but I remembered the opening sentence and the bacon and egg salad!)

I passed the 3-mile point, which is always significant in a shorter run (possibly the halfway point). Four miles, even better!

And somewhere along the way, I stopped feeling awkward and started feeling normal. I even found myself picking up the pace (particularly as I reached the top of Colby and 41st and turned back downhill). Mile 6 - 9:27. Mile 7 - 8:46. The last .77 to QFC - 8:12 pace!

I stopped at 7.77 miles because I thought I'd go to Starbucks. But when I found out that Frappucino Happy Hour had ended at 5 (and it was 7:00), I decided I didn't need a frappucino after all. I hit the lap button on the Garmin (so as not to mess up my earlier fast pace) and jogged home at an easy pace.

Final stats: 8.4 miles, 9:33 average pace per mile.

Next run - Yasso 800's on Wednesday.
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chris mcpeake said...

I am totally opposite I love running in the evening. I dont mind the morning but would rather sleep. good luck with the training

Tricia said...

great run