Friday, May 22, 2009

Who needs sweets when you have this?

"This" being champagne mangos, bought fresh and ripe at a farmer's market in Kona, Hawaii. The one on the left is a whole one (of course) and the cut up one on the right is what I just ate, juices running down my chin. Champagne mangos are smaller than the "regular" ones,* and as you can see they are a sunny golden color on the outside and deep orange on the inside. They are the sweetest thing I've eaten since I gave up sugar on May 6!

Did I mention I was in Hawaii? We got here yesterday and are lounging at the Royal Kona Resort until Monday.

I had a nice (though extremely moist) run along Alii Drive this morning. I left at 6:30 but I think tomorrow I'll try to go half an hour earlier. It wasn't too hot at that time but the humidity left my entire body covered with a layer of moisture. I ended up going 7 miles (though I had to loop around a parking lot to finish my last mile). I averaged under 10 minute miles, even though the route had lots of hills. And despite the humidity. I was quite pleased.

*My calorie counter gives it only 80 calories, hurrah!
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Lisa said...

I am so jealous!!! Have a fantastic trip!