Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eight Things

I'm kind of excited because I've been tagged by A Marathon Leap, and there's nothing I enjoy more than writing about myself! Well, maybe there are a few things, but at least one, cake, is off-limits to me right now, so I'll have to substitute a bit of navel-gazing instead. So here goes!

8 things to which I am looking forward
  1. Our trip to Kona, Hawaii, over Memorial Day Weekend (Thursday through Monday). And my new Land's End swimsuit, which I LOVE.
  2. Finishing the house cleaning/organizing/de-cluttering project.
  3. The installation of my Verizon FIOS phone-TV-internet package, and subsequent return of the Food Network and other channels now lost thanks to Comcast.
  4. DVR!
  5. Finishing my 30 sugar-free days. Because after that I will no longer crave sweets! (And I can have a little piece of cake....)
  6. Losing some weight.
  7. Running faster again (I know I will) and pursuing new PR's.
  8. A bunch of Fridays off throughout the rest of the year, thanks to County furloughs. I know it's not so great for the county employees who have to take pay cuts, but it does result in a lot of 3- (and some 4-) day weekends, including the 4th of July weekend, Labor Day weekend, and Christmas Eve!

8 things I did yesterday
  1. Ran 6.5 miles.
  2. Got a latte at Starbucks (double tall skinny caramel latte).
  3. PC's (probable cause hearings) and arraignments.
  4. Rescheduled the Verizon installation appointment to give myself more time to clean.
  5. Wrote a blog post about other people's blogs.
  6. Met with the investment guy to talk about starting a retirment plan for our employees.
  7. Recorded everything I ate, plus exercise, into the Livestrong calorie tracker on my BlackBerry.
  8. Worked on the house-cleaning project with my mom (she is being very helpful, even came over for a couple hours of work on Mother's Day morning!).

8 things I would like to do
  1. Buy a mountain bike.
  2. Get back to, and below, my low weight of 154.
  3. Walk the Cotswold Way from Bath to Chipping Campden, in England. Then possibly also (in a separate trip) walk the Thames Path from the Cotswolds to London.
  4. Take Rod to England.
  5. Write a book that gets published.
  6. Read most of the books in the "to be read" shelves in my basement (ideally before buying more books).
  7. Be in the audience of the Oprah show (on a show that has a fun, not depressing, topic).
  8. Make my garden into a beautiful English-style garden.

8 shows I watch
  1. The Today Show
  2. The Biggest Loser
  3. The Office (and frequently 30 Rock)
  4. Desperate Housewives
  5. Brothers and Sisters
  6. Private Practice
  7. Assorted Food Network shows (Nigella, Ellie Krieger, Barefoot Contessa)
  8. What Not to Wear

Finally, I am supposed to tag eight people to list their own Eight Things. Frankly, I am too tired and lazy to pick out eight blogs to link to! Plus, lots of the blogs I read have already done this. (Although I can't remember which ones, so that would be a problem.) (And I suppose it's possible that not everyone is as thrilled as I to do this kind of thing. Although it is hard to imagine a blogger who doesn't believe the world wants to know eight things about them....) So, if you happen to read this and you haven't done it yet, consider yourself tagged!

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Marie said...

I like your eight things lists! Are you going to Hawaii with Rod? Sounds wonderful!!

Hey--would you recommend the Harlingford as the best affordable hotel in London, still? We stayed at the St. Margaret's in Bloomsbury, but I think that might have shut down. Some friends are going in the summer--with their three kids--and have asked for tips.