Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home again, and long run on Sunday

Goal: 12 miles on Sunday morning

Actual: 11.6 miles run, plus .5 mile walk home, beginning Sunday morning and finishing in the afternoon.

I thought with the time change from Maine that I would easily wake up at 5 or 6 this morning and feel like it was 8 or 9 a.m. On the contrary, I woke up at 6, felt like I didn't want to get up at all, and went back to sleep until the phone rang at 8:30. Even then I felt no desire to get up, and lolled in bed until late morning when I finally dragged myself into running clothes.

I suspect that I never really adjusted to the Eastern time zone. While I got up very early every day while I was there, I think that was more travel adrenaline than anything. Even with the early mornings, I was awake every night till well after midnight. I really got very little sleep (par for the course with me in general).

But I guess I made up for a lot of those lost hours this morning.

I heard from my mother, who called from Maine at 8:30 (a comfortable 11:30 for her) that it was raining heavily in Maine. Probably related to the hurricane further south. I, on the other hand, woke up to bright blue skies and warm sunshine (particularly by the time I got out at 11 or so).

My plan was a 12 mile run. I had a general idea that my planned route would cover the distance, but I was counting on the Garmin to confirm the mileage. Until it started saying "low battery" after about three miles or so. After that my goal—which was really more of a wish, as I had no real control over it—was to get as much of the run done as I could before the watch conked out altogether.

I ran through north Everett and then down to the marina by Anthony's. I was startled to see the farmer's market, as I thought it ended last Sunday. I decided not to stop, however, as that would effectively end my run, particularly if I bought anything to carry home, and I was only at five miles by that point.

As I ran along the marina and then the waterfront—the tide was out, exposing the mudflats—I noticed that the view was not that different from some of the waterside views I had run past in Maine. Of course there were no white churches, houses, or inns to enhance the scene! Also, I could not look forward to picking up a lobster roll for lunch after my run. (I did, however, have my last whoopie pie waiting for me at home. I couldn't think of a better time to indulge in 750 wicked calories—I do cringe at that number—after a long run that would turn out to consume twice as many calories, at least according to Garmin's calculations.)

The Garmin was holding up quite well. Although it continued to read "battery low"—obscuring the lap times—it kept recording the time and distance as I passed 6 miles, 7 miles, 8 miles. By the time I got to eight miles I was wondering whether I had enough distance left in the planned route to cover the whole 12 miles. I was torn between just wishing to be done, regardless of total mileage, and hoping that the remaining distance was long enough to get me to 12. I wasn't sure if I had the gumption to keep going if I wasn't "done" by the time I got to QFC.

But things were looking good as I turned onto Everett Avenue, the final stretch. I was over 10.5 miles and if I had another mile left, I would be satisfied, as there is another half mile between QFC (Starbucks) and my house.

And sure enough, I hit 11.6 miles at Starbucks. Conveniently, the Garmin lost its final bit of battery power and went dark while I was in Starbucks ordering my drink. Not a problem, I knew the way home.

Although it was later in the day than I had planned it to be, I still had plenty of time when I got home to take a long shower and enjoy my whoopie pie before heading out to my massage appointment. Ahhh, my legs and feet and back needed that. My only disappointment was that the time ran out before the massage therapist had time to work on my arms and hands. Not a part of the body that is too affected by running or sitting on an airplane, of course. But believe it or not, thanks to all my incessant computer typing, my hands could really use a good massage too!

So, my first day back, and my first run back, went well. Tomorrow morning will be my first run of the fall in the dark morning. I am not really thrilled about that concept. But it's only the beginning—I can look forward to as much as six months of this to come! I've already put out the florescent reflective jacket....

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Terri said...

Wow, so you do run outside year round? I think I just need to buck it up and keep running outside as long as I can. Although in my neighborhood there are not always sidewalks, so I'll be running and sharing the road, when it's even narrower than normal. Guess I'll just have to do the best I can, and maybe get one of those vests like you have.

It is so hard to get up here in the morning - it has been dark every morning for quite a while now.