Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My other, other blog

I've mentioned before that I also have a travel blog, Travelling the One-Track Road, which is primarily about my travels in England (and thus has been inactive since I came home from England last summer).

But I also wrote another blog for a while, a weight-loss blog called Half the Woman. That one also lost steam because I had really already lost all the weight when I started, so I didn't have that ongoing excitement that most weight loss bloggers have. I also kept it pretty anonymous, and could not bear to post a "before" picture. (And will not.) However, I was looking back at the entries I wrote (a total of 32 throughout 2007), and boy, I did some nice writing there! (Modesty, thy name is Kristin.)

So I was debating, what am I going to do with this stuff? It seems pointless to continue writing on that blog when I do so much here (and really deal with everything, other than travel, which can go on the other one). I could do some tricky cut and paste and transfer some or all of those entries over here, and pretend that they belonged here all the time, but that seems like a lot of work (and somewhat deceptive also) (and somewhat pointless also, except as a means of recording them in case the other one disappears somehow). (Or in case I can't remember the login information, which almost happened today!)

What I finally decided was to put the general link here, and then as needed I may link back to some of those posts. Or I may even repost some of them if they seem relevant on a slow day. (I am, of course, vain enough to think they should all be published!)

I've glanced through some of the posts, and I don't think there's anything there that would embarrass me horribly. I actually wrote quite a bit about running, before I actually had a "running blog" to write in.

Just as a sample, here is a fun post about my inner bitch that appears during races.

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