Monday, May 26, 2008

Just step away from the cake...

What I didn't mention last night, as I was about to ease my achy body into a hot bath, was that I also ached with a full stomach, thanks to a delicious dinner of Copper River salmon (with oyster stuffing, how decadent) and too, too much cake for dessert.

Thank goodness cake isn't a regular staple in my life. I'm sure I couldn't run enough to make up for it if I had cake available every day. Cake (with frosting) is my crack. One delicious bite is never enough to satisfy me—in fact, each bite makes me crave more. (As I finish up the rest of the leftover cake I brought home with me—better to get it out of the way now!)

I would like to think that all my running and working out helps atone for the occasional cake extravaganza (believe me, with me and cake it's an extravaganza or nothing). My rational mind knows that it does, pretty much, as long as I keep the cake situations few and far between. But my paranoid self kind of thinks that my body is so efficient at running that it burns off virtually no calories doing so. Because it does seem that my body wants to hang onto every ounce of weight it can, regardless of how many miles I run or hours spent on the elliptical machine.

I'm trying to begin packing for my trip to St. Louis and in doing so have to finish unpacking from my last trip (Bloomsday). I pulled out the Marathon Woman tee shirt I bought from Kathrine Switzer (which I was afraid would be too tight around the tummy) and put it on. It fit beautifully and, because of the fitted cut, made me look quite slim (hiding the rolls of fat). So that made me feel good. Hopefully it's enough to keep me away from the cake!

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