Friday, April 4, 2008

Shamrock Run pictures (I really was there)

Despite the lack of official photographic proof of my participation in the Shamrock Run 15K, I have now downloaded the few, sad pictures my mother managed to take. So here goes. Memories.....

I am not in this nice picture of the runners on Broadway passing the Benson Hotel near the start of the race.

There I am, a blur in black pants, green jacket, and orange cap. By the time my mother spotted me (thanks to my yelling at her), apparently there was no time to hold the camera steady. My legs look impossibly skinny in this picture! The one benefit to a bad picture, I guess.

I'm barely visible in this picture—you can just see my green jacket and orange cap to the left of the guy in the lime green shirt hear the front of the photo.

At the finish line! About half an hour after I actually finished, unfortunately. The characters next to me really have the St. Patrick's day spirit!

Relaxing the lovely lobby of the Benson Hotel. My mother and I spent many hours by the fireplace here drinking tea.

My Grace Kelly moment.

My mother's Grace Kelly moment.

Perusing the menu at the London Grill.

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