Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back on the Streets

That sounds rather naughty, doesn't it?

Today (can't say this morning because it was definitely afternoon) I went for my first run in more than a week, after being away in the mountains where there are no good running surfaces. I did 7.5 miles, a little farther than I had planned, but I had the time so I figured I might as well go for it.

I'm happy to say my legs still work. I'm always afraid that if I take a break from running, I will never go again. Probably a flashback from when I stopped running in college to recover from wisdom teeth surgery... and didn't run again for 20 years. I think I have enough dedication to running to prevent that from happening again—I actually like running now—but still, I am afraid.

Another run tomorrow will put me back on schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday).

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