Friday, November 30, 2007

My Favorite Things

Oprah has her "Favorite Things," which she famously gives away on her annual Favorite Things show. I looked at her list, and while some of them are pretty great (e.g. the refrigerator!), others are perhaps a bit ho-hum, or at least not my cup of tea.

So as a lark, I came up with my own list of Favorite Things, gifts which I would like to receive or give (if money were no object)—the best of the best, in my opinion. Have a look.

Food Stuff

  • Peppermint bark candy—I didn't think I would put a food item on the list, but this chocolate and peppermint treat is pretty delish.
  • And while I am on the food list, I think olive oil makes a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates food. A fancy oil in a lovely bottle makes a nice change from wine as a hostess gift. (If you're giving it as a birthday gift, be sure to point out that olive oil is anti-aging! You can put it on your salad or even on your skin or hair....) I am intrigued by the Colonna orange-infused olive oil from Williams Sonoma. I have enjoyed their Meyer lemon-infused oil, which has gotten harder to find these days.
  • Santoku Knife. This is a cross between a cleaver and a chef's knife, and it is a chopper's dream. It cuts up vegetables like butter! There are many different manufacturers of this knife, available in kitchen stores. I use mine several times each day, chopping my vast quantities of vegetables and fruits!

Big ticket item—

Really big ticket items—

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