Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dog Day Dash—August 19, 2006

As I searched the online running calendars for future races to participate in, I was excited to see a 5K in Burlington on my birthday, August 19. This was a race for runners and walkers, humans and dogs. For my birthday, I asked my sister Gretchen to bring her dog Nissa and walk the 5K while I ran it. Because it was my birthday, and because Nissa was included, she agreed.

The run started at the Skagit Airport just off Josh Wilson Road near Bayview. We parked at the Bayview School and walked over to the race course. It was already a warm and sunny day, and I did not make the mistake of wearing a jacket this time!

By now running a 5K was old hat (after all, this was my second). It’s not hard, but it’s not especially fast for me either. It takes almost three miles to really get me going, and the second half of a 10K is usually faster than the first half for me. So although I finished red-faced and sweaty, my time was only okay—around 28 minutes, I think.

Mother and I hovered with the camera near the finish line waiting for Gretchen and Nissa. They came in running—Gretchen had chosen to run portions of the route to get done faster—and I ran through the finish line with them.

I wasn’t going to win any prizes here, but I did win a raffle prize which I collected. The post-race goodies here included home-made cookies, and I’m afraid I helped myself to several frosted cookies shaped like a doggy bone. I can’t resist a frosted cookie!

We had hoped to do the Dog Day Dash again this summer (2007)—Gretchen was even planning to run, or so she said—but unfortunately it was not held this year. Maybe next year.

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