Saturday, January 31, 2015

If I Ran the 50 States

First...I have a long blog post written about my trip to Maui in January (and the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon), full of cool pictures... And it will not upload. I suspect it is because I have too many photos. But I don't feel like going back and taking out a bunch of pics, so for now it is just sitting, waiting. For what I don't know.

Now, on to my topic!

A few days ago I was sitting at work waiting for a client to show up, and I passed the time by internet researching marathons I could run if I ever wanted to run a marathon in every state. Right now I've done marathons in eight states (multiple in some), and half marathons in a few more.

I've never really wanted to do all the fifty states, either in marathons or halfs, and probably I still don't. The reasons are simple...

*There are some states I don't even really want to go to, let alone run a race in.
*I don't know if I will even run fifty marathons in my lifetime (I've run 16 so far, plus a 50K, and more than 50 half marathons, in about ten states, plus Canada and England).
*I run about 2-4 marathons a year (only one in 2014). At that rate it would take 10-20 years to finish! Unless I upped my annual quota, and that would be hard on my body and bank account.
*Marathons are expensive! And destination marathons even more so.

Still, I was able to go through an alphabetical list of states and find a marathon (sometimes more than one), that I wouldn't mind running, or maybe even want to run. I wrote them down so I could remember. But I should have marked which ones sound really good, as opposed to okay.

Here are the states and marathons I've done already.

Arizona - Tucson Marathon (twice, 2011 and 2013)
California - CIM (2009, DNS 2014, hoping for 2015)
Hawaii - Honolulu Marathon (2012) and Kauai Marathon (2013)
Maine - Mount Desert Island Marathon (2012)
Massachusetts - Boston Marathon (2011)
Minnesota - Twin Cities Marathon (2012) (I'm still interested in Grandma's Marathon too.)
Oregon - Newport Marathon (2010), Portland Marathon (2011), Eugene Marathon (2012). (My 50K was also Oregon, McKenzie River Trail Run in 2012)
Washington - Sammamish Marathon (2010), Seattle Marathon (2012), Light at the End of the Tunnel (2012), North Olympic Discovery Marathon (2013 and 2014)

Since I've already planned my marathons for 2015 (Vancouver BC and CIM), I guess I could consider adding another state or two in 2016. Of course there's always a chance I might go for a marathon in a state I've already done, like Hawaii (haven't ruled out the Kona Marathon--or half marathon--and the Maui Marathon (it's in September, Maui Oceanfront is January).

For some of these I want to run, I actually find the half marathon more appealing. The ones that are appealing to me these days....

The Little Rock Marathon in Arkansas. It's at the end of February and I was toying with trying to do the half this year, but it wasn't practical. I really might plan to do the half next year, but the full marathon...don't know.

Coeur d'Alene Marathon in Idaho, Memorial Day weekend. Someday. Coeur d'Alene is easy to get to, but Memorial Day weekend always has so many options.

Chicago Marathon. Definitely not the top of my list, but someday. Maybe.

Lincoln Marathon in Nebraska. Don't know why, but this is crazy popular. So it must be worth doing.

New Hampshire Marathon - I want to go back to New England in the fall. Alternatively, I wouldn't mind doing the half along with the Maine Marathon half--they're on the same weekend!

New York City Marathon. Definitely not a priority, but it has to be on the list, right?

OBX (Outer Banks Marathon) in North Carolina. Actually I think I just want to do the half, especially if I get a chance to do it this fall (it's early November). Rod has a hankering to go to the Outer Banks, so maybe!

Flying Pig in Ohio. When pigs fly!

Philadelphia Marathon. It just sounds appealing.

Kiaweh Island Marathon in South Carolina. Definitely would consider the half here too. I think it's in December.

Austin Marathon in Texas. I've heard good things about it, and Austin seems like an interesting place to visit.

St. George in Utah. Actually there's a few that appeal in Utah. (Ogden, Utah Valley.) It's supposed to be a good Boston qualifier, because it's downhill. Of course, there's still the elevation issue!

Vermont City Marathon. Another competitor for Memorial Day weekend. It's been on my list for a while.

Richmond Marathon in Virginia; also MCM, of course.

I started putting in links to all these marathons, but I didn't save my work, had a mishap, and don't want to start I'll leave it at that. I'll let you know if I sign up for any of them!

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Laura said...

Lincoln is pretty but I didn't find the race to be all that special. I think it might be hyped by the people who live there and for whom it's convenient? I don't think it's a bad race by any means, but it's also not one I'd go out of my way to do.

NYCM on the other hand, is amazing. You need to find a way to get into that :) I'd also really recommend Outer Banks, Austin, and Vermont City Marathon. All of those are a lot of fun and are really cool towns to visit.

I realized when you commented on my blog that you have somehow dropped out of my reader!! I was so excited to hear from you and was going to encourage you to start blogging again, until I realized that you HAVE been blogging and apparently I was just missing it :( So sorry! I am readding you now.