Friday, April 20, 2012

Nine days to go!

It's April 20, which means only nine days to the Eugene Marathon (less if you're counting hours). Today I was finally able to start stalking the ten-day weather forecast. It looks good, lows in the 40s and a high of 60 for race day.

Last Sunday I ran the Whidbey Island Half Marathon for the fifth time. At some point I realized that all my past Whidbeys had been 2:00:xx or faster...pressure! I would have been sad to break the streak this year. Happily, I didn't! I squeaked under two hours with a chip time of 1:59:19.

Running nine-ish minute miles (on average) did confirm that a four-hour marathon was not in the cards for Eugene. That pace was doable for 13 miles but way too hard to sustain for double the distance.

So here are my goals for Eugene....

1) Just do my best and don't die. Doable.
2) Sub-4:30. This should be easily doable. That's a 10:30 pace, I think.
3) Sub-4:25 (or sub-4:24 to beat Tucson). I think that's roughly a 10:15 pace. If I could do that in Tucson eight weeks after the Portland Marathon, I should be able to now, right?
4) Sub-4:20. About a 10-minute pace. This is probably my C goal.
5) Sub-4:15 (beat Portland). 9:45 pace. My B goal.
6) 4:10 or below. My A goal. 9:30 pace. Keep in mind this would mean a 9:30 average, including a bathroom stop (s) and any inexplicably slow miles. It would be a stretch but I might do it!

I have felt like I am getting my spring running legs back since Whidbey. Probably there's not enough time to make a major impact on Eugene, but I'm feeling good!

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Running Girl said...

I really wanted to sign up for the Whidbey Half, but the logistics didn't work with our schedule. Did you have to stay on the island to make it to the start in time?

Do you enjoy the race/scenery? I'm thinking about trying it next year.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Congrats on your half marathon time and here's hoping that you get that 4:10 and of course, yeah, don't die! That's always a good plan!!