Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

It would be really cool (though perhaps not too original) if I could start this post with a picture of me leaping. Alas, this white girl don't jump. And even if I did, I don't think I could manage an iPhone self portrait doing it!

Anyhow, Happy Day-where-salaried-employees-work-for-free. I certainly hope no one in my office has run across those internet articles that talk about how much money you are "losing" by working on February 29. I feel a little bit bad, but...I guess we'll call it a wash for all those paid snow days last month. But enough work talk.

I'll also by-pass all the Sadie Hawkins related topics.

I celebrated Leap Day with speed work on the track this morning! After several days of dry weather, the track puddles had finally dried up by yesterday and I was hoping that the rain would hold off until after my run this morning. Unfortunately, it did rain during the night, so the puddles were somewhat reconstituted...although I was able to find a dry strip to run on all the way around. And it did not rain at all while I was running.

I was determined to get out earlier this morning because my one goal for Leap Day was to be early at least on time to court today. That was so I could say, "You won't see this again for another four years!"

I did succeed in leaving the house at least 15-20 minutes earlier than my recent habits. Of course, 10-15 minutes (or more) earlier than that would have been even better. I was so happy that Daylight Savings Time hasn't started yet, so it was quite light even at 6:40ish. I will be very sad after March 9th....(until a few more weeks pass and we have light both morning and evening!)

I started with a warm-up run, 2.6 miles at just over 10-minute average pace. The first mile was slow, and I wasn't able to "easy run" fast enough to make up the difference. No matter. I really only needed a couple of miles for warm-up, but the entry to the track is on the far side so I ended up going a little further.

The plan was 6 x 400, twice (with a 2:30 rest interval in between sets). I will admit right now that I only did 6 x 400, plus 4 x 400. This was a failure of timing, not running...I just didn't leave myself enough time to get it all done and still get to work by nine. (Unless I had skipped my post-run Starbucks stop...but that wasn't happening!) On any other day I probably would have talked myself into squeezing in the last two intervals, but I really couldn't spare the five minutes.

While the intervals were not as fast as my best work, they were a lot closer to what I wanted than any other recent speed work has been. The ten quarter miles ranged from 1:58 to 2:02. The corresponding paces ranged from 7:52 to 8:08. I did a 1:30 recovery between intervals (except for the last two) and 2:30 after the sixth.

I am feeling quite encouraged and optimistic for March, especially considering that....

The Eugene Marathon is exactly two months away!

And yes, I caused quite a stir by walking into the building at 9 a.m. straight up. :)

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ajh said...

I never thought about Leap Day being a free day for employers. My work year is set up differently so it was a paid day for me!