Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A few photos from the Tucson Marathon

Finally, I am stepping out of my holiday hiatus to post a few pics from the Tucson Marathon (back on December 11)! I have to give Marathonfoto credit for getting a lot of shots. So much better than at the Boston Marathon (same company), where I had a grand total of about six pictures. (I also blew a lot of money in Boston by forking over about $100 for a prepaid photo package, getting disgusted by the lack of pictures and not ordering any, and recently learning that my prepaid package "expired" in October. Way to rip people of, Marathonfoto! Still, they did a good job in Tucson.)

All these pictures do look a lot alike though...because it's Tucson. And me running. Not a lot to work with there!


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE those stripes! You look fantastic. Looks like a fun race.

valfrid said...

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